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The Arrow interviews Emily Perkins

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I recently got the chance to have a sit-down with Canadian actress Emily Perkins of Ginger Snaps fame during the Fantasia Film Festival. She was here to push Ginger Snaps 3. Let me tell you, I was so taken aback. Not only did I not recognize her (the girl looks like a ray of sunshine), but I was totally enamored at just how sweet and charming the gal was. Fun interviews like this always makes my job worthwhile! HERE’S EMILY…!

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The Arrow: Hey, Emily!

Emily Perkins: Hello!

The Arrow: So you had a screening of Ginger Snaps 3 yesterday (at Fantasia). How did it go?

Emily Perkins: It went really great! The Fantasia Film Festival was a great place to premiere it, since everybody there is a genre fan and they’re really enthusiastic about it. You can really tell that the audience was into it, we got lots of cheers and laughs at all the right places. Afterwards, a lot of people stayed for the question and answer period, so yeah…it went over well!

The Arrow: So do you think this one is gonna be as successful as the first one in terms of box office?

Emily Perkins: I don’t know, it’s really hard to tell. I don’t think we’re getting a theatrical release and if we do, it will be small. Hopefully, it will do well on DVD.

The Arrow: So how do you personally feel about the film?

Emily Perkins: Uhhhm, I think it makes for a very nice trilogy. The third one would be really hard to see as a stand alone in the way the first two were, since there’s so many parts in it that are amplifying the mythology of the franchise. We’re explaining things and making the story come full circle. I just think it’s a really nice completion and I really like the ending. I know a lot of fans didn’t like the ending of the second one, since it left Brigitte in such a bad place, but the end of third one is a more triumphant ending. It’s still kind of sad, and yet…

The Arrow: …more positive…

Emily Perkins: That’s right.

The Arrow: I assume that the ending of the second one is not addressed in the third one?

Emily Perkins: No, it’s not addressed, but it’s still kind of a setup where the choices that were made in the past kind of affected the future. Like a karma thing going. I think that people that like to pay attention to detail will really appreciate that.

The Arrow: You shot Part 2 and Part 3 pretty much back to back.

Emily Perkins: Yeah, there was about a two-week break in between, it was pretty grueling.

The Arrow: I could imagine. As an actress, you’re probably looking forward to playing somebody that’s not Brigitte and not so damn depressed!

Emily Perkins: Yeah!

The Arrow: You know…somebody who can be happy for like 5 seconds?

Emily Perkins: <laughs> Yes, that would be very nice! Unfortunately, after seeing Ginger Snaps, people don’t think of me that way, they just think of me as Brigitte. I’m not like her at all…it’s just a character I played.

The Arrow: Yeah, lots of people in the business have no imagination. They see you play one thing and then “boom”…you’re typecast.

Emily Perkins: Exactly.

The Arrow: What have you got lined up acting-wise right now?

Emily Perkins: I have a re-occurring role on a Canadian series called “The Davinci Inquest”, which is a cop show on which I play an informant. She’s also a heroin addict, a cocaine addict and a sex worker. She keeps the cops up to date on what’s going down on the streets…it’s a great character.

The Arrow: Another chipper role, I see!

Emily Perkins: <laughs> Yeah, it’s the same kind of thing, but at the same time, still a very different type of role. It’s very enjoyable!

The Arrow: Do you have any feature films on the horizon?

Emily Perkins: Nope! It’s really hard getting auditions as a Canadian actor, especially in Vancouver. Lots of the work that happens there is American stuff and for the larger parts, they bring their own people. And being that I’m typecast, can you imagine Brigitte being in most American TV shows?

The Arrow: Nope! Too edgy!

Emily Perkins: So they don’t bring me anything since that’s who they think I am…it’s a real struggle.

The Arrow: Ever think of making the “big move” to L.A.?

Emily Perkins: I think about it, but since I have two kids that I just adopted, it’s hard to consider moving unless you have something lined up. You can’t take financial risks and the kids have their families in Vancouver. So I don’t want to un-root them, unless I have a job already.

The Arrow: How old are the kids?

Emily Perkins: They’re 10 and 13.

The Arrow: Wow, 13! Have a blast! Must be a handful!

Emily Perkins: Oh yeah! But they’re amazing kids, they’re really smart…I know…everybody says that about their kids!

The Arrow: Well, that’s awesome. Congratulations, Emily!

Emily Perkins: Thanks!

The Arrow: Ginger Snaps 4? Is that feasible?

Emily Perkins: They’re actually talking about a “Buffy” kind of series, but with werewolves and I think that would be really cool. But as far as Ginger Snaps 4, the feature…I haven’t heard anything about it.

The Arrow: Are you signed up for one?

Emily Perkins: Nope!

The Arrow: So how’s Montreal treating ya so far?

Emily Perkins: Old Montreal is so beautiful, it’s like being in Europe. I didn’t realize we had something like this in Canada, I was like “Oh my God!”, you feel so sophisticated, cobblestones and everything. I mean, Vancouver is more of a new city, you don’t have any of the culture or history. The architecture here, I don’t know…it’s so romantic!

The Arrow: Well, in Vancouver, you have the mountains and the ocean…I envy you for that.

Emily Perkins: Yeah, it’s a very ‘outdoors’ type of city. You just want to go out in nature, but here, for an urban environment…it’s where you want to be.

The Arrow: Well…that’s it, Emily. I’m done!

Emily Perkins: That’s it?

The Arrow: They gave me 15 minutes to talk to ya and I nailed it on the dot.

Emily Perkins: Wow, that’s rare, usually people always go in overtime!

The Arrow: Not The Arrow! Want to go take a picture with me for the site!

Emily Perkins: Sure!

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I’d like to thank Emily for her time and for being so pleasant to be around. Casting agents of the world…listen up! SHE IS NOT BRIGITTE! This girl is gorgeous and emanates a positive aura that will sway you. Take your heads out of your asses, open your minds for half a second and give her more varied roles already! Go get ’em, Emily!

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Arrow in the Head

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