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Ginger Star Headlines Fangoria Con

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Fangoria, America’s number one horror magazine, held this year’s annual Weekend of Horrors in Secaucus, NJ on Sept. 24 and 25. Headlining the event was an appearance by Emily Perkins, star of the Ginger Snaps trilogy.

The Ginger Snaps trilogy centers around two sisters living in a Canadian suburb. One of the sisters, Ginger, is attacked by a werewolf and slowly becomes one herself. In addition, the movie uses werewolf transformation as a metaphor for entering womanhood and becoming sexually active. Perkins portrays Brigitte, Ginger’s younger sister. Brigitte’s character is that of an introverted and disturbed teenager who must race the clock to save her sister.

Perkins posed for photos with fans, signed autographs and took part in a brief Q-and-A session. In addition, she sat down for an interview with the Oracle.

“I just recognized myself in Brigitte right away. I was just like ? oh my God this is so true to girls? lives,? Perkins said. “I love the horror genre because it has this potential to be really subversive and I think it’s really a sort of culturally relevant (and) exciting genre.”

Perkins credits a traveling theatre group she saw as a child with kindling her interest in acting.

“There was a touring children’s play that came to my school when I was 10 years old and that really made me want to do theatre, so I joined the Vancouver Youth Theatre,” Perkins said. “The artistic director of the theatre was also an agent for film and television and she invited me to join her agency.”

It was within the wings of many an audition that Perkins discovered the competitiveness of the acting business.

“As a kid, the biggest challenge was the competitive sort of atmosphere at auditions,” Perkins said. “I remember the first audition I went to was this huge ‘cattle call’ we called them and there was like so many girls there and they’re like ‘your clothes are from Kmart?’ and right before the audition I started crying because my clothes were from Kmart.”

For Perkins, part of the fun of acting is the chance to lead multiple lives.

“Most people get to live only their one life and I think that as actors we kind of get to cheat,” Perkins said. “We don’t have to go to med school to be a doctor, for example, and I mean you’re not really a doctor but just to create that character in as great of detail as possible is an amazing challenge and a great feeling.”

The horror genre has been a staple of Perkins’ career. In addition to the Ginger Snaps movies, Perkins has starred in Stephen King’s It and made guest appearances on The X-Files. However, Perkins recently made the jump to comedy when she appeared in She?s the Man, which stars Amanda Bynes and is set for release in 2006.

“I’d love to do more comedy now that I’ve tried it,” Perkins said. “I knew that I would love it and I?d just love to do more.”

Perkins also said she hopes She?s the Man will be a launching point into future comedies.

“It’s amazing to make people laugh,” Perkins said. “It’s such a good feeling and I think it’s an admirable thing to make people laugh because you’re bringing sort of a little bit of joy and brightness into people?s lives.”

Perkins said her favorite style of comedy was that of Woody Allen.

“I tend to like more sort of situational humor and just anything that’s well written.”

Perkins also described the emotional connection she feels towards the characters she plays and the let down that comes when the shooting is finished.

“It’s really sad to finish a movie because you form all these bonds with members of the crew and the director and your fellow actors and actresses and you have this family,” Perkins said. “You see each other for really long hours every day and you really get to know them well and then suddenly you’re never going to see these people again.”

“This person that you’ve been, this character that you’ve cultivated and that you’ve grown to love, you?re never going to be that person again,” Perkins said. “So it’s sort of this process of grieving afterwards; I find it always takes me a few months before I’m really integrated back into reality.”

In addition to acting, Perkins also teaches acting at the University of Whales and is raising two adopted children.

“I love being a mom and having a family,” Perkins said.

By Alex Gillam

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